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We build fearless brands.

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Cord & Berg has been awarded the Gold Prize in ‘Corporate Identity and Branding’ – and Silver in the ‘Digital Experience – Website’ category at this years Design100 Summit [SYD].

– 2015 Sydney Design Awards, Design100

Grow your brand in 5 steps.

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Step 1. Brand Check-Up

Assess the health of your brand.

What do people think of your brand in the first 7 seconds?

A check-up pinpoints where your business exists in the marketplace – giving you a complete overview of your company branding from an objective position.

  • Check-Ups are free of contract commitment.
Step 2. A Day Spa (for your brand)

Build your brand, Find your niche.

Let’s talk about your brand. Think of it as ‘brand therapy’, a space to explore your ideas and frustrations, and make sense of them.

  • We identify your philosophy and growth plans – creating a value system, unique tone of voice and a style to represent your brand.
  • We establish what sets you apart in the marketplace- what are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • We answer the tough questions; does your current and proposed creative collateral support or contradict your brand?
  • We give you a brand blueprint to assist with future creative decisions, ensuring your communication is clear, concise and representative of a bold, innovative brand.
Step 3. Smart Planning

Imagine where your brand could be, and use a roadmap to get there.

The aim of a roadmap is to prioritise the creative solutions, identified in Step 2, in the order that effectively activates company growth consistently over time.

Answering the ‘when and how’ to inject strategy and utilise creative assets is the difference between a good campaign and a wildly successful one.

  • Achievable time frames
  • Accountable goals
  • Active audience participation
  • Effective brand communication
  • Optimised creative budgets
  • Detailed KPI targets
  • Low risk creative investments
Step 4. Design Communication

Use design to make a connection.

Loyal customers talk about the brands they love, and are more likely to buy from the brands they are emotionally invested in.

To ensure your customers are interacting, engaging, actively participating and ultimately loyal to your brand, how you look and what you say needs to communicate more than the product you sell, it needs to embody a lifestyle.

We use a specialised design process to communicate the lifestyle and identity of your brand, making informed design decisions to create bold, innovative and emotive work.

Step 5. Adapt & Evolve

Stay relevant in a changing world.

Keeping up with new content, emerging competitors and marketplace change can be exhausting and overwhelming. We equip you with a strategic roadmap and a set of design collateral to use for a 6-month period.

In 6 months time, we evaluate what is, and isn’t working, and update your core brand collateral based on what we see, hear and learn from your industry and audience. This responsive approach to branding makes sustaining a fresh, relevant brand easy and achievable.

Adapting and extending on your company’s existing look & feel ensures you get the most out of your creative investments, with support to grow market share and remain at the forefront of your industry.


We empower business leaders, entrepreneurs and creatives to regularly adapt brand strategy with confidence and ease.

Work We Do.

  • Branding Design + Blueprint
  • Website Design / Development
  • User Experience
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography / Retouching
  • Copywriting
  • Video Marketing

“More people can recognise brand logos than they can their 2nd cousins.”

Debatable, but it got you talking... that's what good brands do.
  • Brand Check-Up

    Overdue for a check-up? Essential for those who want to know, ‘How’s my brand doing?’

  • Manage My Project

    You’re happy with your brand and have a new project in mind.

  • Grow Your Brand

    Receive ongoing innovation support with strategy reports & regular updates to brand collateral. Stay fresh, stay relevant.

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